Could faecal transplant save koalas?

faecal transplant koalas

Picky about food? Never like koalas. Such Australian marsupials would be willing to starve rather than give up their favorite eucalyptus species. Researchers from the University of Queensland began to think that gut bacteria play a major role in koala's food preferences. Hence the idea that a microbiota transplant can help koalas to have a more varied diet, making them less vulnerable to the progressive destruction of their habitats. A hypothesis confirmed on the pages of Animal Microbiome.

transplant, koalas, could fecal

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Combating mosquitoes without insecticides: a job for bacteria


Summer: sun, holidays but also ... mosquitoes! At the top of the list of the most annoying animals, the tiger mosquito has been tormenting Italian people for about 30 years. Since then, we have fought the stinging enemy with insecticides, lamps, sprays and coils, up to more sophisticated techniques such as genetic manipulation. Now researchers have recently discovered their weak point: tiger mosquitoes need a particular bacterium to reproduce.

bacteria, mosquitoes , insecticides

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