Researchers blamed pangolin for Coronavirus transmission to humans


After the bats, snakes and minks, now the pangolin is under accusation: it could have been responsible for the transmission of the Chinese coronavirus to humans. Research published on the Guangzhou University website shows that the genetic sequences of the virus isolated from the pangolin are 99% similar to those of the virus that is circulating among people. The hypothesis is still to be confirmed, but Nature defines it at least "plausible".

Coronavirus, 2019-nCov, pangolin blamed

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Do small migratory birds have a better immune system?

faecal transplant koalas

Traveling is good, even for the immune system. Small migratory birds know it very well, as they could boast immune defenses even better than ours and those of other mammals. The reason? As they travel long distances and stop in places that are always different, they come into contact with a broad spectrum of pathogens: they must then develop adequate defenses if they want to survive.

immune system

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